Friday, 29 August 2008

New publisher needed

I have today learnt that Inspire, who publish all three of my books, are to cease trading in a few days time. This means that mph will no longer be marketing, re-printing or selling my books. Books will still be available from me, from the link on the right, whilst current stocks last.

I am very grateful to Inspire for taking a risk on me five years ago, as a new author. However, this is very disappointing news and makes it even more important that I establish myself with a new publisher. Please pray that Kevin Mayhew publishers will accept my new manuscript and that other publishing doors will open too.

After a fruitful meeting last week, I shall shortly be offering retreats for the ministers of the Order of Jacob's Well. This is a huge privilege: it is so important that ministers who are continually giving of themselves have opportunities to 'receive'. I also have bookings from URC lay preachers, Wisdom House (a new retreat space in Hampshire) and interest from various church groups. Give thanks!

I am not at all prepared for the autumn, renovation work at my home having been seriously disruptive this summer. So please pray for me, especially during the next weeks, as I strive to fit a 'gallon' of preparation into a 'thimbleful' of time! Please pray for peace, inspiration, and opportunities to take space during the still ongoing disruptions.

Finally, I hear from Wales that, thanks to Rob Endicott's musical talents, one of my songs may soon be recorded onto a demo CD. Watch this space ... this could get exciting ...