Saturday, 11 October 2008

Wounded healer

An unfortunate accident has sent my plans for the autumn topsy-turvy!

Two weeks at Green Pastures became extended into five, after I tumbled down the stairs and damaged both hands, fracturing one thumb joint. Unable to drive home, I accepted Green Pasture's invitation to stay longer, and an incident that none of us would have wished for turned out to be a profound blessing. I was able to continue to offer pastoral listening and prayer ministry to the guests, as well as leading chapel services, and it was an enormous privilege to do so. [Leading a Healing Service with both hands strapped up was something of a 'first' ... ]

Though an entirely different dynamic to retreat leading, this was work that I felt very at home with and very blessed by. Give thanks for the Green Pastures team, who blessed me with fellowship and TLC, and pray for them as they discern new ways forward for the ministry of the house.

An unfortunate consequence of my mishap has been the need to cancel several events. I am sorry to have let so many of you down. The fracture was a serious one and I need to rehabilitate myself fully before getting behind a driving wheel or lifting retreat boxes again. But our Lord heals! After being surrounded by healing prayer, the verdict of the medical teams is that the injury is healing better than they could ever have expected and an operation which was thought to be inevitable is now not needed. Give thanks and please pray for continued healing.

I am now back at home base, getting quite adept at coping one-handedly, and going gently. I hope to use this enforced 'down time' to be reflective and prepare new materials for Christmas. Please pray for rest, space and inspiration.

On the publishing front, there is disappointing news - Kevin Mayhew did not feel able to accept my manuscript for publication. Please pray that God will open the door to a new publishing house.

Thank you so much for your prayers - please keep them coming!