Sunday, 19 October 2014

Undeserved Grace

When asked for a title for a healing retreat, almost a year in advance, I chose the phrase 'Undeserved Grace'. Because it seems to me that that's what healing, forgiveness and all the gifts of God are - pure, undeserved grace.

This title is resonating hugely with me right now, because I have been swamped by God's unexpected grace in recent months.  A number of people, nearly all previously unknown to me, have either come forward or been introduced to me to support my ministry in various ways.  So many exciting introductions have taken place that I've almost lost count of them.  I am quietly excited and deeply humbled.

In particular, I have been deeply blessed by the precious gift of a prayer stole which was gifted to me by 'Loose Threads', a group of creative Christians who make prayer stoles and similar items and then donate them to whoever God lays on their heart.  The stole is beautifully made and authentic in its Jewish detail and I have no doubt that it will bless my healing ministry enormously.  Already it is blessing me as I pray and from the very first time I used it I felt the presence and power of the Spirit in tangible ways.  We speak of particular locations being 'thin' places   ...   this is most definitely a 'thin' shawl.  Give thanks for the ministry of Loose Threads and please pray for that group as they continue their generous creative ministry.

Mary with some of her artwork at the CRE
A visit to the Christian Resources Exhibition a couple of weeks ago enabled me to meet up with Mary Fleeson who will be completing the design work on my new book when she has time.

Please pray for Mary and her husband Mark as they strive to balance the demands of their young family alongside their call to serve God through this beautiful ministry.

As autumn unfolds and the nights draw in, this is a season of quiet reflection and preparation for me as I consider the various projects and retreats that I am committed to in the coming year.  This will include retreats, quiet days, a couple of conferences, a CD recording project, the possibility of a contract to write verses for Christian cards, and possibly another book (or two).

Please pray for me as I pray and prepare for the year ahead.

And finally, if you have the opportunity to see Simon Callow in the production of 'The Man Jesus' which is touring the country, I encourage you to GO.  It's an outstanding one-man performance by a hugely gifted actor, portraying  very movingly the man, Jesus, through the perspective of those around him. I loved it!  Do go if you can.

Thank you for your continuing interest in and support for my ministry.  May you know all the blessings of this season and may you experience God's undeserved grace in abundance.