Monday, 25 May 2009

Spirit Outpoured

Thank you for your prayers, dear friends.

After a wonderfully refreshing break with friends in Northumberland, I turn my attention now to a very busy diary.

This weekend I'm off to Twydall in Kent to lead a Quiet Day for Holy Trinity church and to participate in their Pentecost celebrations on the Sunday. Please pray for a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this special weekend. It has a been a significant challenge preparing this, but I sense that God will bless it.

After that, I'll be attending the Association of Christian Writers conference at High Leigh in Hoddesdon, where I hope that God will reveal new doorways into publishing. Unfortunately BRF, DLT & SPCK have all declined my manuscript proposals - very disappointing, but I shall keep searching. Wild Goose are still considering the Christmas book. Please keep praying ...

Following that, it's just one week at home then down to Wales.

I feel as if I'm constantly unpacking and repacking at the moment and am overall pretty tired. Your prayers for energy and strength 'to keep on keeping on' would be much appreciated.

Thank you! Happy Pentecost!