Sunday, 17 June 2018

God of surprises

Don't you just love it when God brings into your path just exactly the right thing that you didn't even know you needed?  As a long recovery from major surgery stretched out ahead of me, I had no idea what was about to unfold.  I certainly had no idea that God was about to write another book through me.
In the early days of my convalescence, when I began to reflect and write with a psalm a day, I had no thoughts of where it might lead. And now, as psalm 150 creeps towards me, I have a strange sense of completion; as if I'm close to finishing a task that I didn't even know I needed to do.  I have been hugely challenged but also deeply blessed by wrestling with the psalms and there's a kind of wistful fondness that this season is nearing its end.  It feels not unlike when I looked on my sons and recognised that my task was done: they were about to find their own way in the world and my calling had simply been to birth them and nurture them.  That's how it feels.  But, as any author will tell you, the hard work of getting this writing published now lies before me.  I'd appreciate your prayers through the process!  If it's what God wants, it will happen!
On the health front, my recovery is progressing well and it's now time to consider when to have the second operation.  I am keeping on keeping on! Thank you for your prayers throughout this time.