Thursday, 30 August 2007

Publisher's Decision

My completed manuscript is now with Inspire and due to be considered for publication soon. The book is a collection of poetry to lead people deeper into stillness and prayer. I have also requested that we consider producing a CD with it, with myself voicing the poetry over meditative background music.

PLEASE PRAY for the acceptance of the manuscript and the success of this project. Please PRAY ALSO that Silent Strength will be reprinted this week in time for my upcoming Autumn events.

Finally, I'm putting together an application for an Author Grant. PLEASE PRAY about that too.

Many thanks everyone.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

All Things in Christ

The Lord continues to encourage me ...
Am pleased to share with you that the Methodist Church have chosen to use some of my work in All Things in Christ, the Methodist Prayer Handbook for next year.

Please keep the prayers going.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Something Understood

Delighted to share with you that one of my poems was broadcast on Radio 4 on Sunday. Being There from the Wisdom is Calling anthology was read on the Something Understood programme. A modest royalty may come my way ...

Having something of a 'creative block' this week. PLEASE PRAY for the return of creative inspiration.

Thank you, friends.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Good news - the first draft of my new manuscript is complete ... and I am DELIGHTED. Am just taking a couple of days now to mentally rest and re-group. Spent some time today looking at an overview of current projects and decided that I need to focus next on:

=> responding to some 'pastoral' letters
=> an application for an Author Grant
=> preparing a reflective communion service [for Aug 26]
=> drafting an outline proposal for the Penarth Baptists retreat
=> preparing an advertising flier for myself
=> drafting workshops for Porthcawl Christian Writers' Day [Sept]

PLEASE PRAY for inspiration, organisation and motivation as I work on the above.

Thank you, friends.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Manuscript in Progress!

A big thank you to everyone who's visiting this site regularly and praying for me.Your prayers are really helping. I am more motivated than I've been for ages, and lots of things are 'falling into place'.

The film 'Into Great Silence' was powerful and sparked a flood of writing in me. Silent Strength is to be reprinted as a Second Edition soon. My next book is to be a book about a journey into silent prayer and is coming together well. Inspire have agreed to consider it mid-September, but I am giving myself a deadline of getting it to them in 2 weeks time. I also need to work on my application for funding through the Author Grant.

So my priorities for your prayers at the moment are: PLEASE PRAY (1) that I will complete the manuscript in the next 2 weeks, (2) that Inspire will accept it, (3) that Silent Strength will be reprinted in time for my autumn events and (4) that I'll be able to find some time to start the grant application.

Thanks everyone!