Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Christmas at Green Pastures

The Lord continues to draw me into retreat house ministry. I have accepted an invitation to help to lead the Christmas retreat at Green Pastures. This feels a huge privilege, to lead worship and reflection at this special time, and something I am delighted to be able to do.

May God bless this special time.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Producing a CD?

My series of September talks is so far going well. Thank you for your prayers.

It has been lovely to see people touched by my words and my testimony, and at each talk I have given so far people have asked me if I have ever thought about producing a CD. I have already suggested that we do so with my next book, the manuscript of which is with Inspire at the moment, so this feels like real confirmation of that idea. Please pray that the publisher will (a) accept the manuscript and (b) agree to produce a CD with it.

My books continue to sell better than expected. Please give thanks.

I recently had a strong word from the Lord in my prayer times that I must 'steer carefully, otherwise you will crash'. This is a very timely word, as I have felt very tired, quite pressured and lacking sufficient quiet space recently ... so please pray that I will maintain the right balance in all I do and prevent myself from crashing.

As always, your prayers for me are hugely appreciated.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Author Grant

My grant application is done! I have applied for an Author Grant to cover the cost of spending up to two months in solitude next year to write. The applications are considered some time in October. PLEASE PRAY that a grant will be awarded, as I cannot afford the costs without it.

This month I'm very busy with several speaking engagements, plus being a keynote speaker for the South Wales Christian Writers event. I have lots happening - far more commitments than my 'norm' - so PLEASE PRAY for peace, inspiration, balance and health during this time.

Please KEEP PRAYING that Inspire will accept my new manuscript. And give thanks that I finally extracted a good royalty payment from the Something Understood producer!

Thanks everyone - your prayers enrich my ministry.