Friday, 30 October 2020

Seeds of hope

Sometimes the smallest things can lift our spirits can't they.  A small packet of hollyhock seeds did that for me yesterday.  In the midst of a whirl of bad news this small gift from a friend gave me hope of a brighter Spring.  

 As we head once more into lonely and uncertain times, we all need each other.  As we face our losses and tentatively hold onto our hopes, we need the reassurance of knowing ourselves loved and supported.  Above all, we need to feel safe.  We need to know that one day, as Julian of Norwich said, 'all will be well'.

A little poem of mine has travelled the globe since I printed it on the front of my notecards.  Many people tell me of the comfort these words have brought to people.

Giving priceless encouragement, at 75p each, these little cards can lift someone's spirits, give them hope of a brighter Spring, and reassure them they are loved and prayed for.  They come in two styles and can be ordered here. 

I'd love to send you some.  

In these dark and dismal times let's scatter seeds of hope and love.