Sunday, 20 March 2016

Resurrection Love

Blue Jesus: Windermere Centre website
I can hardly believe that it's Easter already.  Is it just me, or does everyone else also think it doesn't seem five minutes since Christmas?
This being National Poetry Day, here's a short and sweet post just to wish all my friends and supporters blessings beyond measure at this Eastertide.  And if you should be looking for any poetry resources to aid your devotional times, do take a look at my poetry pages, where you'll find lots of Easter resources.
I have been conspicuous by my absence of late, I know.  For those of you who may be thinking I've gone to ground   ...   you're right!  I've been hiding myself away to concentrate on preparing scripts and related materials for my upcoming CD recording project.  Things rarely go according to plan, do they?  We aren't as far forward as I had hoped to be by this stage, but we're well on the way and I'm pleased with progress so far.  Please pray that all that is necessary to now complete the project will fall into place with holy ease and at the right time.

So  ...   as Spring awakens here in the northern hemisphere   ...   and as our thoughts turn once more towards the hinge-point of history at Calvary   ...   that moment which Max Lucado calls "the dawn of heaven's dream"   ...   may you all have a peaceful and blessed Easter.  May the Crucified-and-Alive-Again Christ impact your faith journey in new and deeper ways and may His resurrection love shine out through you. 
Have a glorious Easter!