Saturday, 13 October 2018

It's never boring ..

I confess that National Poetry Day passed this particular poet by this year, but my home town currently has a brand new post box in situ inscribed with quotations from the poetry of the Poet Laureate.  And very smart it is too!  I got quite excited when I saw it, especially as one of the quotes is about prayer.
Apologies for going quiet on you all. There have been reasons. I'm thrilled to share with you that I'm in conversation with Kevin Mayhew about publishing a book on the psalms - the one that I never intended to write but which curiously seemed to write itself during this year's time of convalescence - and that has 150 poems, prayers and reflections in it.  So for the last few weeks I've been beavering away trying to get all the text publication-ready.

I also have a short article on Silence in the latest issue of Woman Alive.  If you pick up a copy from your local Christian bookshop there's an opportunity in the magazine to win one of my CDs.  Alternatively you could buy one from this website and keep me in coffee for a few days - it would make a great gift for someone. And speaking of CDs. ...  I will be in the studio recording the next one in the series in November.

So it looks like there will be at least a couple of exciting new releases next year  ...   along with whatever else might emerge after my next bout of surgery.  I'm curious to know what God's got up his sleeve for my next period of convalescence.  It's never boring, is it, this journey with Jesus?

Thank you for your continuing interest in my ministry and your prayers for me.  xx