Saturday, 23 April 2016

Depending on God

Sitting on a bench outside a hospital, whilst my 91 year old father underwent an operation, I felt God speak to me loud and clear through an ambulance. 

The phrase "HIGH DEPENDENCY" seemed to leap out at me from the side of the vehicle.  A question jolted me out of my prayerful daydreaming.  How highly did I - or do I - depend on God?  Of course, I'd like to think I do.  I often say that I do.  But is that the reality of my life?  Aren't there many times when I try to do things my own way, somehow hoping that God will give His consent to my dreams and plans?  It's so easy, I find, to get carried away down a path that may have started with a God-given signpost, but then meandered imperceptibly into one where I'm stumbling along in the undergrowth, no longer depending on God's direction. ... and then wondering why it doesn't quite work out.
All this preamble is by way of sharing with you the news that several of my projects are either in limbo (waiting in a lay-by, as it were) or have unfortunately hit a dead-end.   So here's a summary, for your prayers -
  • The Advent book is still sitting on a publishers desk, awaiting a decision - please pray that it will ultimately be a 'yes'. ...  and preferably before Advent!
  • My CD recording project is also currently in limbo, awaiting an opportunity to experiment with the musicians who've expressed an interest in supporting me - please pray that we will soon be able to pencil in a date.
  • And the collaborative book project with Mary Fleeson has unfortunately folded, due in part to the pressures on the Fleeson family.  Please pray for Mary and her family as they seek to find a good work / life / health balance.   Please also pray for me - that I will be given the wisdom and inspiration to know how best to now take this manuscript forward.
And finally - and most important - please pray that I may once again root myself in that deeper prayer life which enables me to have a high dependency on God.
I'm off to the Continuing the Journey Conference next week, and very much looking forward to its beautiful balance of worship, wisdom and fellowship - and to the opportunity to rest and reflect - and to maybe surrender a little more into that elusive dependency.
And yes thanks, Dad came through the operation well.