Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spirit's Flow

When we're open to the flow of the Spirit in our lives, truly remarkable things can happen: in brief, exciting moments the possibility of the Kingdom of God as a living, breathing reality can be glimpsed. 

Penhurst focal point
It's so hard to be open to that though, isn't it, and the presence of the Spirit can feel very elusive sometimes. 
In treasured moments though, during the preparation and leading of the recent Mystery & Glory retreat at Penhurst, that presence was evident.

The combination of glorious spring weather, in the thin place that is Penhurst, a gathering of very special people, and the awesome touch of the Holy Spirit made for some wonderful moments - moments of creativity, of healing, of surrender and of life-changing commitment. 

New songs were written, new poems & liturgies emerged, and art work, prayer and stillness led to reflection and insights.   Thank you to all who prayed Jill, Viv and I through that retreat:  your prayers were a crucial part of it all.

On a country walk yesterday, I came across a little waterfall that was choked with debris.  The water was still cascading over it but the water would have flowed so much more powerfully if that debris hadn't been clogging up its path.  It made me think that we can all too easily impede the flow of the Spirit in our own lives when we allow them to become over-cluttered.

Many new ministry opportunities have begun to open up for me recently (for which I give huge thanks) and I know that I need to carefully discern where the Spirit is leading me next.   So, after a busy few months of retreat leading, time now for me to do a bit of debris-clearing in my own life   ...   and time for some rest, restoration and deep prayer before the Retreat Association Conference in June.

Please pray that I will have a clear sense of what my priorities should be for the future   ...   or at least, for the next step!

As to future diary dates; my next healing retreat will be taking place at Penhurst in September.  If you're interested in this, or know of anyone who might be, do book up early as it's likely to be popular.  I'd love to see you there: come and experience the wonderful, undeserved grace of God.

Thank you.  May you all enjoy the blessings of Springtime and may you live in the Spirit's flow.