Friday, 6 June 2014

Upcoming Retreat - His Healing Touch

A little cat adopted me recently.  He kept appearing patiently on my doorstep after his owner moved into a care home.  He would literally tap, tap, tap on the glass with his paw and then wait for me to let him in.  The curious thing is he never wanted to be fed - he simply wanted company, it seemed.  And I very soon got used to having him around, brushing up against my legs, purring contentedly as I stroked him, and gradually establishing his very own place on the sofa!

I knew I couldn't keep him long term, so with some reluctance I found someone else to love him.  And that was the top and bottom of our short relationship really - that cat simply wanted to show me he loved me, and he wanted to know I loved him.

And isn't that true of God? 
We can make God very complicated, but He simply wants to shower us with His love.  That's what the coming of the Kingdom is all about.  God longs with all His heart to bring us 'fully alive' with His love, and when we're able to receive that love, it brings healing.  That doesn't always mean a physical 'cure', though sometimes it does. Only this week, a friend of mine received significant healing through prayer after having the misfortune to be seriously trampled on by a cow. But healing can be on many other levels too.  And I truly believe that when we open ourselves to God's love, at some level we receive profound healing. 

If you'd like to join me, I'll be offering an opportunity to explore God's healing grace at the beautifully peaceful  Penhurst Retreat Centre.  The retreat is entitled 'His Healing Touch' and runs from 13th - 16th July.  There's still a few places left.  We'll be praying and meditating with the healing scriptures, and opening ourselves to God's healing presence.  Why not come if you can?   Or perhaps you know someone else who might be blessed by this?
Thank you to all those who continue to support my ministry both prayerfully and financially - you are very much part of all I do.  Please pray for divine inspiration as I prepare materials for this event.  And please pray that God will draw to the retreat those whom He wants to be there.  And of course - pray that healing will flow!
I'll let you know how it goes   ...