Friday, 12 February 2010

News from New Zealand

I am now well settled into Vaughan Park, and it really is the most idyllic and enabling space to be in. Through this scholarship opportunity, the Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Give thanks for safe travelling and safe arriving.

The friendship and welcome of my hosts is outstanding and I have very quickly begun to feel at home here. It is a very relaxed, yet enabling, environment. The Vaughan Park complex overlooks a most beautiful beach and regional park, and from my studio I can both see and hear the Pacific Ocean lapping the shore. Who could fail to write well in this setting?

The chapel is a very 'thin' place and architecturally iconic, and adjacent to it is a well thought out research centre where I am spending a large proportion of my time. Slowly I am beginning to evolve rhythms that work for me. My biggest problem is the heat and humidity, which I find very strength-sapping [yes, I know it's cold at home - sorry!], but words are beginning to flow and the project is beginning to take shape in my mind.

I so appreciate the sense of being held in prayer by you all.
Please pray for continued blessings and Spirit-led inspiration.

Thank you.