Wednesday, 17 September 2008

To Pastures Green

The suitcase is packed again! I'm about to depart to Green Pastures, a retreat house near Poole, where I'll be spending two weeks as part of the house team. Please pray for me as I take on responsibilities of worship and pastoral care there. Green Pastures is a precious space that has a very special pastoral ministry to people going through life difficulties of every kind, and it is a real privilege to be invited to share in this work.

Whilst there, I also very much need to find my own quiet space 'in the gaps' in order to reflect and prepare for my October events. Please pray that this will be possible. Additionally, I'll be taking the opportunity to meet people from Boscombe and Romsey to plan future events in that area.

On the publishing front, I now learn that Inspire will cease trading in August 2009, not this year, as I had thought. This is welcome news and gives me a breathing space to consider the options and implications. Please continue to pray that Kevin Mayhew will accept my new manuscript.

Financial support for my ministry continues to trickle in, often from unexpected quarters. Give thanks for this. Curiously, I keep finding pound coins (about 20 so far) in unexpected places too ... God seems to be saying something about His provision ...

I have just enjoyed some precious retreat time at Whitehill Chase, the home of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation. I am refreshed, renewed, inspired ... and looking forward to all that lies ahead. Thanks to Marie Calvert and Joy Taylor who led the weekend beautifully, and to my dear friend, Carien, who journeyed alongside me!

Thank you for your prayers. I pray you will all enjoy the beauty of autumn and through it know God's wonderful shalom.