Monday, 21 November 2011

Advent waiting

Advent. In the church year ... a season of waiting ... a pregnant pause, as we prepare to celebrate a birth. In reality, for many, a season of stress. For others, a time of heightened grieving ... a season when we become aware again of our losses ... and try to somehow hold them within the mystery of Love Incarnate.

I find myself in that 'waiting space' this Advent. Following a very busy couple of months and a very powerful retreat at Green Pastures, my own health has taken a downturn and I have had to step back for a while in order to rest, recover and rebuild. This is teaching me much about the need for balance in my life, and I sense that something indefinable will be birthed through this time. So 'Advent waiting' is a reality for me this year. I am 'chilling out with God' as I gently rebuild my health. Please pray for me.

It was a huge privilege to facilitate a very moving 'Touching the Cloak' retreat in October, and a great joy subsequently to receive news of significant healings that grew out of that time. I am always thrilled and deeply humbled when healings happen. Give thanks for Christ the healer.

Unfortunately I have had to withdraw from leading the Advent retreat at Glenfall House, but the event will go ahead and be led by someone else. Please pray for the retreat leader as they step into my shoes at short notice.

Thank you for your continuing prayer support. May the Lord bless you as we journey through Advent towards the celebration of the Saviour's birth.

I send you all my love.