Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Busy Diary

A busy but exciting diary now lies before me, as we head towards the celebration of Easter.  Your sustaining prayers would be appreciated through this time.

After a couple of interesting learning events, I will be preparing to lead a retreat at Penhurst retreat centre.  The theme of the retreat will be Touching the Cloak: Journeying Towards Healing Through Imaginative Contemplation.  The last time I led this event, almost every member of the group received significant healing, in two cases resulting in cancelled operations. This response always humbles me deeply and I look forward hugely to seeing what God might accomplish at Penhurst.  Please underpin this retreat with prayer: for inspired preparations, for those who will attend, and for a strong outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Please also pray for protection on me - I am fast learning that such events often stir up strong spiritual opposition.

I have two events in the diary before Penhurst.  Firstly, I'll be attending Elizabeth Gray-King's 'Visual Bible' retreat at Windermere, exploring ways of engaging with bible texts in visual ways.  This is close to my own retreat-leading heart, and I look forward to learning from and being inspired by Elizabeth.   Please pray for rich blessings on this retreat, and pray for Elizabeth as she leads it.

And then, to my other great love! Following Windermere, I'll be spending time at the Harnhill Centre, taking the opportunity to learn more about healing from the very gifted and experienced Alison Morgan, on her course 'Shalom: The Meaning and Music of Healing'.   Please pray that this event will help me to increase my wisdom in facilitating healing.

Finally, in early March I'll be taking the opportunity to have a focussed talk with a publisher (Naomi Starkey of BRF) at the ACW Writers' Day.  Several writing projects are burning on my heart right now and to be able to interest a mainstream publisher in them would be great.  Please pray for a constructive conversation with Naomi.

Every person in Christian ministry, at whatever level, is empowered primarily through prayer underpinning, and I am very aware that, in praying for me, you play a significant part in my ministry.  So thank you and God bless you.  Please keep the prayers coming!