Saturday, 23 July 2016

Soul Care

To all who connect with me on a regular basis - an apology for my absence over the last few months.  There have been reasons.  Two long periods of ill health and, in between, a very special pilgrimage. 
It wasn't all bad. For a month, I travelled 2,000 miles around Britain with a visitor from New Zealand.  Our tour took in some beautiful scenery and stunning wildlife. We spent time in some really 'thin places', enjoyed some amazing experiences, traced Joy's family roots on the islands of the Southern Hebrides, and felt the closeness of God along the way.  A true pilgrimage, in every sense of the word. 
And, as all good pilgrimages do, it changed me.  It changed me in many ways, but the question I came home with is "How can I intentionally live in ways that enable me to become my best self?". I had an immediate opportunity to reflect on that when, after that hectic and happy time travelling, I was frustratingly hit by a nasty illness that laid me low for almost a month.  Officially, it was diagnosed as a virus, but I suspect it was as much about my body forcing me to have a period of complete physical and mental rest - a time perhaps when my soul needed to catch up.
There's a significant relationship between soul care and healing, isn't there: something I'll be exploring in my upcoming retreat at Penhurst.  When life gets out of balance and we neglect those things we need for our own wellbeing, the body frequently responds with dis-ease. Good soul care can sometimes contribute to our healing.
 A quick update on my other projects.  I am currently searching for a new illustrator for the Deeper book, CD recording will now hopefully begin in the autumn, and various other writing projects and opportunities remain in embryo.  In August I will be joining with the Order of Jacob's Well for their annual gathering before heading to Sussex to lead a 'Resting with the Healer' retreat.
For now though, I'll be pondering that question:  how can I intentionally live in ways that enable me to become my best self?  Think I'll start by stepping up the soul care.   How about you?