Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

 I find it fascinating that New Year's Eve is just one day out of 365, and yet it can potentially be a real watershed in our lives. It's a time to review the year that has passed. A time to take stock. And a time to look forward with hope. This is especially true in the northern hemisphere, where the date falls in the shortest, darkest days of the year and we look forward with hope to longer, brighter days and (eventually) the joys of spring.
It's a watershed.  And it can be a kairos time.  So let's celebrate all that's been good about the last year, make peace with all that wasn't so good, and look forward with hope to 2013.

And what of New Year's resolutions?  Will you be making one?  Mine is: to allow more of  Jesus, who is in me, to live through me   ...   not by 'trying harder' to be like him (for he is already in each one of us)   ...   but by asking the Holy Spirit to help me surrender to that possibility and to strip away all that holds me back from letting it happen. 

"Jesus, live through me" will be my New Year prayer. 

How about you?

Happy New Year to all my readers: may the grace of God be with you in all that lies ahead.