Saturday, 3 August 2013

A channel for His grace

I have learnt much, of late, about total dependence on God  ...   about acknowledging my weaknesses and simply offering myself to be a channel.  There were several moments of extreme tiredness during my recent retreat leading at Penhurst; times when I simply had to surrender and pray 'not in my strength, but yours, God'.  And whenever I did that the outcomes were remarkable: words were given, there was a tangible deepening of the presence of the Spirit, and healing and renewal flowed in powerful ways.

"A life-changing experience", was how one person described the Touching the Cloak retreat.  Give thanks for the deep healing that happened at Penhurst and please pray that that healing would be sustained.

It still delights me to witness how healing can flow when people are enabled to open themselves up to the real and present possibility of God's intervention, and it was a pleasure and privilege to lead at Penhurst, a space of immense tangible peace.

Thank you to all who underpin my work with your vital prayers.  And thank you to all who enable this ministry by your financial support.

I shall be offering another healing retreat in that special place in July 2014, and one at the Windermere Centre in March.

Meanwhile, after a very busy six months, I'm now enjoying some rest and refreshment and am off to New Wine tomorrow.  Please pray for refreshment and spiritual nourishment.

Following that, I shall be taking some time out to settle into a variety of writing projects.  More on that later   ...

For now, my love and prayers to you all   ...   summer blessings to my readers in the UK, and winter blessings to those of you on the opposite side of the world!