Thursday, 14 February 2019

Special Offer for Lent

Are you  ...  wondering how to journey prayerfully through Lent?  ...  hoping to have a fresh look at the Easter story?  ...  wondering what it was like to be there, alongside Jesus, in those days leading up to his death?  ...  looking for new resources for this Eastertide?  ...   wanting to buy someone a meaningful Easter gift?
Look no further.
I'm pleased to make available my Easter book, The Gift of a Cross, at half the usual price and with free postage.
It's available here at the special knock-down price of £3.50.
Here's a taste of the contents ...
                   And heaven
                   held its breath.
                   A living, human cross
                   hung heavy
                   at the still, mute
                   turning-point of history
                                           ...   ...
                                           Extract from 'And Heaven Held Its Breath'
Where else can you buy seventy meditations for not much more than the price of a cup of coffee?
Go on  ...  treat yourself this Easter!