Saturday, 7 September 2019

150 holy mornings

My new book, 'Dwelling in the Psalms', is a contemporary interpretation for our times; a modern reflection on the ancient texts, pin-pointing their relevance for today.

This is how it came about ...

150 days.
150 psalms.
150 holy mornings.
150 wrestles for understanding.
150 searches for inspiration.
150 insights.
150 prayers.

Recovery from surgery providing the space.
              Intention becoming discipline.
                              Ancient texts revealing their wisdom.
                                             Struggle morphing into a love affair.
                                                               Challenge becoming joy.

                               It was a privilege to write it. 

                               I pray you'll find it healing to pray with it.

It's coming soon!

Do email me if you'd like to express an early interest in this book.