Saturday, 10 November 2007

Give Thanks

Well, I am now back from a wonderfully refreshing retreat time and a fruitful period of writing in Devon. I spent time with Society of Mary & Martha at Sheldon, a place I can thoroughly recommend if you are looking for space to 'be' and to meet with God.

I have been greatly encouraged by many things since my return:

1. Jonathon Hemmingray has produced a lovely wood sculpture to go with my 'Crucifixion Tree' poem - you can see it from my link on the right.

2. Wakefield Diocese are to use my writing in their Lent 2008 course.

3. A participant in one of my recent events has contacted me to say that she was healed after the prayer ministry.

4. Llangasty Retreat House have invited me to join their Programme Advisory Group, advising on the house retreat programme. This will be a real privilege and a great opportunity.

Please give thanks that God is using my simple ministry.

I continue to await the outcome of my Author Grant application: please pray!

Thank you.