Saturday, 20 October 2007

Writing Time

I continue to be busy! Have just completed some contributions for next year's Spring Harvest liturgy. Please pray (a) that they'll be accepted and (b) that I'll be paid a fair price for this work.

Please continue to pray too for a succesful outcome to my application for an Author Grant, which is under consideration this month.

The next thing on my agenda is that I'm about to hide myself away in a bolt-hole in Devon for a concentrated ten days of prayer and writing [from the 25th - 6th]. I'd be really grateful if you would pray me through this please.

Finally, Jonathon Hemingray feels God calling him to create a sculpture based on my poem "The Crucifixion Tree". Give thanks for this collaboration and please pray for him as he attempts this - it could be quite a powerful piece.

Thank you everyone. Your prayers continue to sustain me.

Bless you all. xx