Saturday, 22 February 2020

Encountering Jesus

How radical are you prepared to be to meet with Jesus?  Would you dig through a roof, for instance?  Four people did that for their friend and the result was a remarkable healing and a life-changing forgiveness. (Mark 2.1-12)

Every healing in the bible involves an encounter with Jesus, the Jesus who still heals today.  But how do we intentionally encounter him?

One way is through meditating with scripture and placing ourselves within the story.  It's not always easy to do on our own, but the Pathways to Healing series of CDs is designed to help you do just that.

Some lovely things have been about this series:

Pat's profoundly thoughtful and prayerful re-telling of familiar scripture stories and her very sensitively guided meditations take us to a place deeper than the intellect alone can reach.
Let her take you on a unique and powerful journey of discovery and into a healing encounter with the living Christ.
Margaret Silf, Author & Retreat Leader

Thank you for your far-reaching ministry.
This CD enabled me to find healing from something that for a long time had 'paralysed' me.
Lesley McCririe, Spiritual Director & Retreat Leader

Why not try this for yourself?  Or buy a copy for someone you know?

Prior to the launch of the next CD in the series, 
I'm offering the 1st CD, 'Take Up Your Mat', at the discounted price of £8.

It's available at my web-shop and on Amazon.    I look forward to sending it to you.